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Castellum Capital supports founders and investors in early-stage transactions

Behind every deal closed there are hundreds of hours of work spent with the founder, helping to maximize her business attractiveness in the investor´s eyes. Over the years, our team has helped to raise +200M USD, developing an extensive network of VCs, Family Offices, and Angel Investors interested in tech-driven startups operating in South East Asia.

We are proud to say that we understand what every investor in our network is looking for and the value-added they will bring to their portfolio companies.

As investors ourselves, we believe there are no rewards without risks and love having skin in the game.

At Castellum Capital, we roll up our sleeves to help founders succeed

Capital raising

1. Before the fundraising:

– Define fundraising strategy and investors profile
– Fundraise materials preparation (pitch-deck, financial model, dataroom)

2. During the fundraising:

– Pitching
– Investor communication

– Transaction structuring

– Due-diligence

3. Money in your bank account 🙂

Are you raising funds?

VC as a Service

– Scouting

– Due Diligence outsourcing

– Portfolio companies exit advising

– LPs introducing


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Investment criteria

We invest in:
  • Pre-seed and seed rounds.
  • Tech-driven companies (not bio or deep-tech) with a strong founding team
  • Angel syndication

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    (in collaboration with Eloquens)
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  • Essential Sales Metrics for start-ups
  • List of early-stage investors in Spain and LatAm
  • 3-Statement Financial Model with debt schedule
    (in collaboration with Eloquens)

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